Just Stay Away
coming Fall '23 from Thomas & Mercer

Craig has two simple goals this summer: be a great stay-at-home dad to his daughter, Alice, and finish his book. He just hadn’t anticipated how hard it would be to write with a seven-year-old bouncing around the house. 


And then one day Alice tells him she met a new friend, Levi, a boy who appeared in their backyard from out of the woods that border their property. The kid seems a bit strange, but Alice is content to play outside with him all morning, every morning. Alice is happy, Craig gets some precious writing time—Levi could be a real game changer for Craig’s summer. 


Now if only he could shake the feeling that there is something sinister behind Levi’s dispassionate eyes…

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A Necessary Act

Can you stop a serial killer before he starts? If so, should you? How far would you go?

The students at Lake Mills Community High School knew there was something wrong with Scott – but what David saw firsthand was more than they could ever imagine. He and his best (only) friend Matt were content to keep their suspicions to themselves until a simple trip to the library sets them on parallel trajectories where even the most careful plans have unexpected consequences that can rock a community and reverberate long after they're gone.