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Advance Praise for

"Nobody believes Craig when he insists nine-year-old Levi is the source of the mayhem in his life - which is regrettable, as Levi might be a troublemaker worse than Baby Teeth's Hannah. Just Stay Away is a tense page-turner that literally had me reading with my shoulders hunched."

Zoje Stage

Bestselling Author of


"A relentlessly creepy and dangerously addictive read, Just Stay Away will have you checking your locks and jumping at shadows once you've finished. Using the unique perspective of a stay-at-home dad, Tony Wirt expertly crafts an atmosphere of ever-increasing isolation, claustrophobia and gaslighting to ramp up from a sinister simmer to a full-blown nightmare. In doing so, Wirt explores gender roles, masculinity and boyhood in the profound ways you find in the best of the genre. An absolute must-read... if you dare."

"Just Stay Away is an absorbing thriller that masterfully depicts the unraveling of a family’s sense of safety. It also features one of the creepiest and most unexpected villains I’ve encountered in a long time. Wirt’s latest is a must-read for fans of slow burn psychological suspense!” 

Jess Lourey

Edgar Nominated Author of UNSPEAKABLE THINGS and


“Cancel your plans and find a good chair because once you start Just Stay Away you won't be able to stop. A psychological game of cat-and-mouse evolves between a writer and his daughter’s creepy new friend in this superbly plotted, fantastically immersive domestic thriller. From the characters to the writing to the pitch perfect ending, Wirt delivers on every level." 

Brianna Labuskes

Wall St. Journal 

Best-Selling Author of


"In Just Stay Away, Tony Wirt flawlessly weaves tension into everyday domestic life. Craig finds himself in a suspenseful game of cat and mouse with a neighborhood child that will leave you wondering what would you do to protect those you love."

Elle Grawl



Mindy Mejia

Bestselling Author of Everything You Want Me to Be

and To Catch a Storm

Reviews for
A Necessary Act

"Superb ... a refreshing new twist on serial killer fiction. A brilliant literary debut."

Buttonholed Book Reviews

"I literally could not put this book down. Great characters, genuine belly aching tension, and an ending that both surprises and satisfies."

Underground Book Reviews

2017 Reader's Choice

Novel of the Year

"This book is filled with creepy and suspenseful moments that are sure to get anyone's heart pumping. Just leave the lights on."

Rochester Magazine

"A brilliant debut novel! Highly recommended."

Edgy Paperbacks

"If you want a fast paced story with an original storyline, then you should read A Necessary Act. You will not regret it."

Clues and Reviews

"Brilliant and creepy! The essence of evil jumped off the pages of this story."

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

Top 10 Book of 2017

"A Necessary Act grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go - even after I turned the last page!"

C.H. Armstrong

Author of

The Edge of Nowhere

"The writing was good and flowy. The characters were great. Hook, line, sinker - I was into the whole book"

Cover to Cover

"This story will keep you on the edge of your seat at every turn of events and doesn't give away the scary mystery easily."

The Shelf Love

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