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Build the Damn House!

As you know if you've read this blog or my twitter feed or talked to me for more than 30 seconds in the last month, I've started my next book.

Whenever I've talked writing, I've always used an analogy when it comes to starting a project. Writing a book is like building a home.

The first draft is building the structure. It's not possible to make things pretty on the first pass. It's going to be fairly bare-bones and mostly terrible. You know, unpainted drywall and empty rooms.

Rewrites and editing are like interior decorating. THAT'S where you make things pretty. Throw down some carpet. Add a sub-plot. Hang up some art. Add some clever characterization.

So that's the clever way I explain the writing process. Unfortunately, I've found I am apparently psychologically incapable of following my own advice. I stare at opening paragraphs for 45 minute trying to build and decorate on the fly until I scream "IT'S A FRIST DRAFT! IT'S SUPPOSED TO SUCK! JUST BUILD THE DAMN HOUSE!"

And then I get kicked out of the coffee shop.

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