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The Kill Club

As a writer, sometimes I'll read a blurb for a book and think, "Aw man, why didn't I think of that?". That absolutely happened when I heard about Wendy Heard's upcoming The Kill Club.

The story revolves around a secret group that offers to "take care" of your abuser... if you are willing to take care of someone else's. They'll provide the plan, the tools, the alibi - you just have to pull the trigger (or in this case, push the plunger). It's a little like Blue Apron for murder. Cool right?

But after I got about 20 pages into it, I changed my mind. I was glad I DIDN'T think of it, because I could never have done it as well as Wendy did. I can't even be jealous. It's THAT good.

You're going to love Jazz, a badass drummer who, when she isn't winning bar fights, is protecting her much-younger brother from his sadistic foster mom. After witnessing a man die at one of her gigs, she gets a phone call with an offer. A quid pro quo of murder. From that point on, buckle up because it's non-stop from there. I tore through this book in just two sittings, and that's only because I had to go pick up my kids at camp.

If you're here, I can promise you are going to like this book. It's scheduled for release on December 17, and I HIGHLY recommend you get it. In fact, if you pre-order a copy at you get a bunch of cool Kill Club swag.

So do it.

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